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Don’t just work. Work Inspired.

At Allsteel, we design furnishings and architectural products for a wide range of environments. But our “why” is about something much deeper. It’s about connection, learning, shaping an experience, and enabling companies and employees to become the best versions of themselves. It’s about blending what’s pragmatic with what’s possible—for better comfort, productivity, efficiency, and collaboration.

Every day, we bring out the best in places and people, because the potential of both are undeniably intertwined. By doing this, we don’t just help employees work. We help them Work Inspired.

Allsteel Office Setting

Great brands. For greater inspiration.

Bigger than one brand, Allsteel ensures that all your needs and aesthetic desires can be satisfied—now and looking forward. Each of our brand partners—Gunlocke, Fritz Hansen, Normann Copenhagen, Corral and Zilenzio—brings something unique to the table, including different styles, stories, and solutions. Explore our brands and start imagining the possibilities.

The new home office.

Distributed teams are a new reality and have enabled employees to stay connected remotely and have the autonomy and flexibility they desire while boosting productivity. Proper design, fit and support are key to creating healthy workspaces at home while supporting well-being. The right space can make a big difference, whether you are conducting homeschooling, learning virtually or working remotely. Explore our wide range of solutions.

Allsteel Home Office